Safe access to meters

Meter readers come to your home (generally once every three months) to read your meter. It’s important that they can safely get to your meter during normal business hours; and by that we mean it is not being blocked by things like locks on gates or doors, building renovations, or unrestrained dogs.
If you’re due for a meter reading and any of these things are in the way, then please let us know: you can call 1300 132 003 and we will make arrangements with you.
To find out when your meter will be read, you can check on your current Aurora Energy bill. The meter readers may visit your house on the Approximate Next Reading Date, or one day either side of that.
If the meter reader can’t get to your meter, then we will calculate your bill using an estimate provided by TasNetworks based on your past electricity use. Any adjustments to the estimate will be made following the next meter reading.

Meter readers and dogs

Big or small, fluffy or spikey not all dogs are built the same. For the safety of meter readers and your dog there are some rules when it comes to meter readers and dogs.

If your dog has access to where your meter is, the meter reader can’t read that meter, no matter what type of dog it is. If your dog is tied up or otherwise visibly restrained(where the meter reader can see), they should be able to do the reading. However, because they know which houses have dogs, sometimes they can’t go near the meter if they can’t see the dog. 
Unfortunately, the meter readers can’t get to know your dogs, as your meter reader may change at any time. If they can get to your door safely, they will knock on it and, if you’re home, they’d appreciate it if you could move the dog away from the meter box while they do their reading.
We keep a record of which houses have dogs, so if you no longer have a dog, or if there is a new dog in your family, please let us know via our online general enquiry form or call us on 1300 132 003 Monday - Friday 8am -6pm.