Converge International Supporting Aurora Employees

Published on
4 March 2022

Since Tasmania’s borders opened in December 2021, we have all been working to adjust to the ‘new normal’. For our people, this has meant working flexibly between home and the office or working from home full time.

While the hybrid way of working is something that we as an organisation are familiar with, this uptick in remote work has meant that our People Experience Team has been busily finding more ways to support our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

The team reached out to Converge International, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partner, to arrange an online webinar to provide our people with tools to manage COVID-19 related uncertainty.

Our EAP is a confidential 24/7 counselling service and can assist with everything from conflict resolution to money counselling. Converge International is owned by an Australian not-for-profit and serves Australian and global organisations including Australia Post, Qantas, Ambulance Tasmania, and CSIRO. 

The session delved into anticipatory anxiety and provided some coping models and tips for how to get your energy back—something that is vital in the ongoing pandemic.

Participants found the session to be informative and walked away with a deeper understanding that living through a pandemic is stressful, but they can reach out for support and be kind to themselves.   

“We are all together in our isolation, doesn’t mean we need to be isolated!” – Kristie

“Instead of thinking about everything that can go wrong, it is better to think about what can go right to break the cycle of negative self-talk.” – Emma

“I think the main thing I got out of the presentation was that it’s important to maintain that balance of remaining responsible during the pandemic, but also acknowledging that life goes on and it is out of our control to an extent.” – Ben

“Be kind to yourself and if you can’t control it, don’t let it control you. It is okay to feel certain emotions but accept them, validate them and get on with your life.” – Jesse

When we asked our team what they do outside of work to stay positive and recharge, we heard all sorts of responses including going for a walk before or after work (sometimes both!), getting out into the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington, catching up with friends and family, and going for a run with a few mates.

If you need help during this challenging time, please reach out to one of the organisations below:

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
Lifeline Australia 13 11 14
SANE Australia 1800 18 7263