Create a spark

Published on
22 January 2021

Gill has lived in Richmond for over 20 years raising her family. She loves her fur babies (and her human grown-up babies) and really cares about the environment.

She likes to do what she can to live sustainably and she has a few creative ways to help save power at home. 

"I like to make solar-powered lights with empty bottles, they charge on the kitchen window sill during the day and come on during the night. It means we don't have to turn on the downlights when we get up for a midnight snack"

So creative! 


Lighting accounts for between 8% and 15% of Australian household electricity costs, so turning them on less is always a bonus. 

If you're not as handy as Gill, you can buy ready-made indoor and outdoor solar lights from your local hardware store. 

Find out more power saving tips from our savvy customers! 

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