Fill your house with snakes!

Published on
24 July 2019

Sometimes the most simple sounding tips are the ones that none of us are doing. Mitch lives in Northern Tasmania near Launceston and talks to customers everyday. One of the simple pieces of advice Mitch has for people moving into older houses or into rentals where they can't make changes, is to add door snakes to any external doors. says that "Sealing your home against air leakage is one of the simplest upgrades you can undertake to increase your comfort while reducing your energy bills and carbon emissions by up to 25%. Air leakage accounts for 15−25% of winter heat loss in buildings and can contribute to a significant loss of coolness in climates where air conditioners are used".

So keep it simple. Put a door snake at all your external doors and stop heat escaping your home and cold air coming in! They're affordable and a quick and easy way to help with power use at home.

For more ways to keep your home warm this winter or help take control of your power checkout our other power-saving tips.

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