First round grant winners 2020

Published on
17 November 2020

Our first round of Community Grants in 2020 focused on supporting not for profit and community organisations to build digital capacity in support of their impact.

The grants will support organisations with projects such as digital fundraising and marketing setup and training, digital storytelling and videography, CRM/accounting system implementation, or website upgrades.

As part of our response to COVID-19, our Grants criteria were expanded to include applications from not for profits and community organisations for projects to support working or delivery of services remotely. 


West Moonah Community House

West Moonah Community House has been operating for over 26 years and provides a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. They continue to support their community through the impacts of COVID-19 through free telephone counseling, supplying fresh veggies, eggs, bread, and other basics via their food co-op, providing non-perishable and frozen cooked meals free of charge to those in need, and much more.

With the Aurora Community Grant, West Moonah Community House will upgrade their online tools so they can better support their emergency food relief program, increase their over the phone counseling services, and create a portal for the community to access videos for staying physically and mentally healthy and active.

Find out more about West Moonah Community House here.

Laurel House

Laurel House is a not-for-profit, sexual assault support service assisting survivors across the North and North West of Tasmania. They provide a range of different services including face-to-face and phone counseling, a 24-hour crisis service, and outreach to rural areas.

Statistically,  young people between the ages of 14 and 28 report the highest instances of sexual assault and abuse and it is this same demographic who have requested alternative methods of interacting with counseling staff, specifically identifying that a message or chat function would be their preferred means of communication.

Laurel House will use the grant to help develop an online chat platform as another way for survivors to communicate with counselors.

Find out more about Laurel House here.

Hobart City Mission

Hobart City Mission (HCM) has been supporting some of Hobart's most vulnerable for over 165 years. They deliver a wide range of community service programs encompassing family support, emergency relief, counseling, disability support, school chaplaincy, and housing support.

With demand for HCMs services ever-growing, this grant will help with the development of a website to support their fundraising, so that Hobart City Mission can continue their important work.

Find out more about Hobart City Mission here.


Hamlet aims to tackle the issue of unemployment in Tasmania and empower disadvantaged community members. Through the operation of Hamlet cafe and Hamlet Catering Co, they provide on-the-job work experience and training to individuals facing significant barriers to employment, allowing them to build basic job-ready skills and confidence whilst also reconnecting with their community.

COVID-19 has forced Hamlet to put their on-the-job work experience programs on hold. So that they can continue to support their participants to build their skills, Hamlet will use the grant to redevelop their website to support online training, develop training materials, and host online English classes, cooking classes, and workgroups.

Find out more about Hamlet here.

George Town Neighbourhood House

George Town Neighbourhood House actively works to redress the structural disadvantage in the George Town Municipality. They are an advocate for those in their community who need to access welfare programs and emergency assistance. They help build a supportive and resilient community by providing things such as emergency and food relief, social activities, and support to those in need.  

George Town Neighbourhood House will use the grant to upgrade their website to make it more user friendly as well as create promotional videos for their community.

Find out more about George Town Neighbourhood House here

Burnie Community House

Burnie Community House is an all-inclusive space, focusing their efforts on providing various programs, services, projects, activities, and workshops that have an emphasis on health and well-being. They offer support such as access to good quality fresh produce, pathways to learning, training, and employment, and opportunities to increase engagement within their community.

Burnie Community House will use the grant to produce better quality video content that will support them to deliver programs online (which is even more important now due to COVID-19) to vulnerable families within their local and school communities.

Find out more about Burnie Community House here.

St Vincent de Paul (Vinnies)

Vinnies provides a range of services to assist the Marginalised and Vulnerable People across Tasmania.  Some of these services include; Home Visitation Program, Loui's Van (soup van service), Dining with Friends program, and Youth Program.

The Loui's Van Program alone provided over 15,000 meals to people across Southern Tasmania in 2019.   The people who attend Loui's Van are some of the most vulnerable in our communities with many relying on this service for their only meal for the day.

Vinnies will use the grant to purchase iPads and software to make it easier for their over 200 volunteers to manage Loui’s Van.

Find out more about Louie’s Van and Vinnies here

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