Green light to save

Published on
19 February 2021

Alasdair rents a townhouse in Hobart with Tiri and Rena. He loves it as it's a great way to save on rent and other living expenses, plus you get to have live-in friends! 

While renting and sharehouse living certainly has its benefits, there are some limits to what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of a rental. 

Here's Alasdair's top tip for improving the energy efficiency of his rental:

"One of the things we've done to improve our energy efficiency is to replace the old halogen lights in the kitchen to new LED lights, it looks a lot better and the best part is they’re a lot more energy efficient" says that lighting accounts for around 10% of household energy use and LED light bulbs use about 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs. They also last 5 - 10 times longer (which means less end up in landfill). While LEDs cost a little more upfront, their payback time is less than one year. 

Less energy and less waste? Sounds good to us! 

Find out what else our customers are doing to save! 

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