Just in time

Published on
26 May 2021

Jacob lives with his mum and little brother on the eastern shore. He loves cruising around on his motorbike and hanging out with his little brother Xav. 

Jacobs mum Olivia is pretty power-conscious and it looks like it's rubbed off... 

"We use a 3-minute shower timer, it stops mum from having to bang on the door to get us out and she's a lot happier because shorter showers mean lower power bills"



Hot water makes up to 27% of household energy use. It's also one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in homes! 

The average shower head uses between 12 and 22 litres per minute! That could equal more than 150 litres for a seven-minute shower! A water-saving shower head uses around 9 litres of water or less per minute, and the less hot water you use the less power you use heating it up!  

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