Keep it cool

Published on
23 May 2021

Olivia lives in on the Eastern Shore of Hobart with her two boys Jacob and Xavier. As a mum of two busy boys, Olivia’s washing machine gets a lot of use. 

Olivia’s top tip:

“We bought a front loader washing machine. We find that it uses less water and less energy and we wash in cold water so we don’t have to use energy to heat the water”


While investing in an energy efficient front loading washing machine might cost a bit more upfront, it will save you in the long run as it uses less energy, less water, and even less detergent.

And according to you use much more energy to heat water to wash clothes than what the washing machine uses to run. So cut your usage and your bills simply by washing in cold water! 

Pro tip: If you're finding washing detergent residue left on your clothes when you wash in cold water, try dissolving detergent powder before adding it to the washer.

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