Lighting Tips

Published on
18 April 2019

Let there be light…

(but not too much, and only where you really need it!)

Saving energy on lighting comes down to a couple of things: the type of lights you choose and the way you use them.

How do I light up my life?

Some simple lighting changes can help you really save energy around the house: fluorescent tubes use about a quarter of the electricity of ordinary bulbs and last around eight times longer. Installing dimmers will cut down energy use and can make bulbs last longer. If you are putting in security lighting, time, motion or light sensing switches are more efficient than remembering to turn them on and off!

At renovation time: paint rooms in light colours to make the most of all available light. And if you are putting in a skylight, make sure it has a diffuser at the bottom to spread that sweet natural light around.

The light fantastic

How you use your lights is just as important: our top tips include turning off lights in areas not being used and, in the mornings, open those curtains and let the light shine in … it will work way better than turning on a light. And if you need a lot of light in one area of a room, pop in a lamp, so you don’t need a blazing light working hard to light up the whole room. And a bit of spit and polish really does help: when you clean lamps and fittings of dirt build-up they will shine a little brighter. Just like you when you see how much money you saved on your energy bill.