Mark saved $600 by making these small changes

Published on
13 February 2021

You learn a lot talking to customers about their power everyday. From the best way to heat your house to the cheapest times of day to use your power. 

If there's one thing that Mark has learned working at Aurora, it's that making small changes can have a big impact when it comes to saving power and Mark knows first hand the enormous impact making these small changes can have.

"During the last 9 months (3 bills) I have saved $600 by making a few changes at home."

- Mark

Here are Mark's top tips;

  • Turning lights off when you walk out of a room.
  • Turning appliances off at the power point - not leaving them on standby.
  • Setting the timer for the heat pump – having heating at 18°C-21°C in winter.
  • Using electric blankets or throws – they use less energy than having the heat pump on and trying to heat the entire room (or house!).
  • Closing ducted heating vents in rooms which are not being used so you don't waste the heat.
  • Charge your phone during the day so that you can unplug it when fully charged (instead of leaving it plugged in all night!)

Simple, yet effective. Thanks Mark. 

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