Power saving Uggs

Published on
9 July 2019

Channy describes herself as “a little bit bogan”. She might swear like a sailor but she sure knows her stuff when it comes to saving power. 

Winter time is generally when Tasmanians have the highest power use and heaters make up a big chunk of that usage.

So keeping the heater as low as comfortable can really help with saving power. Putting on a jumper and keeping your feet warm means you don't have to have your heater turned up to tropical temperatures. 

Channy keeps her feet toasty warm with TWO pairs of Ugg boots:

“I can go outside and have a coffee in the winter sun, or pick up after the kids all the while keeping my feet warm. And I don't have to worry about trudging outside dirt back inside – I just slip my outdoor Uggs off at the door and jump straight into my nice clean indoor Uggs!”

Indoor AND outdoor Uggs! What a fabulous idea! Thanks, Channy!   

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