Need help choosing your heating?

Published on
18 April 2019

Getting the right heating can be a big decision. Here’s a little heads up on the basics of your heating choices.

Heat pumps (ducted or wall mounted)

Known as reverse cycle air conditioners on the mainland, these are one of the most cost effective heaters to run and can heat one room or the whole house.

Good if you:

  • want a system that cools too
  • want instant heat
  • want to set the temperature and it to automatically turn on and off

Not so good if you:

  • don’t have a big budget for installation
  • don’t remember to clean the filters.

Gas (ducted or wall mounted)

These provide the same type of heat as electric heaters and provide both radiant and convection heat.

Good if you:

  • want instant heat
  • want a quiet system
  • want to set thermostats and timers
  • want a “log-fire look” without the mess and smoke

Not so good:

  • for efficiency compared to electricity
  • if you don’t have proper insulation
  • for the environment

Offpeak storage

OffPeak heaters store heat when electricity is cheapest, and then release it when you need it. Heat banks are for living rooms, midibanks are for heating bedrooms.

Good if you:

  • want to save money on set up costs
  • want to use OffPeak power rates
  • want a choice of size and system.

Not so good if you:

  • want a quiet system – there can be a fan noise in some systems
  • want instant heat as they need to charge overnight.

Portable heating

Great for small and medium rooms, but they will struggle in large areas. Both convection and radiant, there is a huge range in style, sizes and heating types.

Good if you:

  • have a small budget to buy the system
  • want to move them from room to room, or house to house
  • want instant, personal warmth

Not so good if you:

  • want to save money on your electricity bill
  • need to heat a big space.

Floor heating

Can be used in one room or throughout the house. Systems can be in-slab, in-screed and under-tile, depending on what you want and when you install it.

Good if you:

  • want a maintenance free system
  • want a safe heating system
  • want a hidden, silent and clean system

Not so good if you:

  • aren’t building or renovating
  • need to make any repairs.

Ceiling heating

This radiant heat warms the ceiling plaster then the room. Because the heat goes down and not up, this system means you don’t have to turn up the heat as high as with other systems.

Good if you:

  • want a safe, invisible heating source
  • want a low maintenance system
  • want a programmable thermostat and timer.

Not so good if you:

  • have a lath and plaster ceiling
  • want a system that’s easy to install.