Pay your way with Centrepay

Published on
15 April 2021

Peggy lives in Lindisfarne, she loves knitting, gardening and going out for coffee with her grandchildren. She’s a busy lady and doesn’t have time to worry about her power bills.

That's why Peggy has set up Centrepay:

"I love to get my bill in the mail because it's already paid for! I've worked out how much my power costs on average each fortnight and I get it taken out of my pension. The credit builds up over the summer so that when winter comes I don't have to worry about using a little more power when it's cold."


Centrepay can be a great way to manage your power bills. It's a free service which allows you to pay bills and expenses as regular deductions from your Centrelink payments. 

Putting a little towards your power bill each fortnight means you can avoid having to pay a quarterly bill all at once. 

Setting up Centrepay is easy, just fill out the online Centrepay form here.