Play together, save together

Published on
18 April 2021

Tiri loves to game. Whether it's basketball, Mario Cart or chess, things can get pretty competitive when he's around.

One of Tiri's biggest power costs is heating, and with two housemates keeping three separate rooms warm in winter can really add up.

Luckily Tiri's housemates Rena and Alasdair also like a bit of friendly competition. 

"Instead of spending time in separate rooms we get together and play video games, it means we only have to heat one room instead of three" 



Who doesn't love a bit of house bonding! 

Around 40%-50% of household power use goes on heating and up to 15% goes on lighting. So the fewer rooms you light and heat the less you pay on power!

Go on, spend some quality time with your roomies. 

Find out more about what our customers do to save. 

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