Super smart shower savers

Published on
2 June 2021

Channy talks to hundreds of Aurora customers a week so she's pretty on top of what works when it comes to saving power. 

Channy's husband works in IT, so he's a bit of a whiz when it comes to the latest gadgets. 

Their powers combined means they have some ingenious, futuristic ways to save on their power. 

Hot water can be one of the biggest users of power, and it's hard to know how much water you actually use. Channy and her husband have a pretty inspired way of knowing exactly how many litres they use in the shower. 

"Our shower head is energy saving with a LED screen that tells you how many litres of water you have used during your shower" - Channy.

Who are you? The Jetsons? 

Using less water in the shower also means less power is needed to heat up the hot water cylinder for the next person's shower! 

According to water heating is the second biggest user of power, accounting for 15% to 27% of household power use. Not only that, it is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (up to 25%) from an average Australian home! 

So, save power and save the world! Just by using less water! 

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