Fasta Pasta

Published on
20 March 2021


You'd look pretty smug too if you had this power saving trick up your sleeve!

Mitch has worked for Aurora Energy for a while now and spends his days with our Launceston call centre team speaking with Tasmanians all over the island.

Our customers like to talk. And over the years Mitch has probably heard every power-saving trick under the sun. But there's one that sticks out. It's the one that whenever Mitch shares it with family or friends they all have an ah-ha moment.

So here it is.

When you're cooking and need boiling water. Boil your water in the kettle first and then tip it into your saucepan and you're ready to go - no more hanging around waiting for your pot to boil! 

So whether you're all about saving money, the environment or just want more time for Netflix, we agree Mitch, this one is a real beauty!

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