Trap your heat

Published on
3 June 2021

Peggy loves knitting, gardening, and her community. She’s a great-grandmother, an avid reader, and a pensioner; so she's pretty thrifty with her power.

Winter is when most Tasmanians use the majority of power, here's one of Peggy's top tips for keeping the heat in:

"We found we were getting a few cold drafts around the house during winter, so we invested in good quality lined curtains and floor bats. It really helps the heat from escaping and has cut our power costs." 


As much as 40% of a households winter warmth leaks out through windows, but there are lots of ways to make your windows more efficient. Good quality, lined curtains are one of the more cost-effective ways to stop warm air escaping.

To make your home even more efficient says you can save around 5% on your heating and cooling costs by insulating your floors. 

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