Use your star power

Published on
7 June 2021

Whether she's reading, writing, playing board games or working, Rena does a lot at home; so it's important that her home is as comfortable as possible. And in the Tassie winter, that means heat. 

Living and working in a rented Hobart townhouse can be a challenge to heat efficiently, but Rena has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep her living and working space cosy and her power costs low.

"I work from home most days and it can be really challenging to heat the whole house so I just heat my home office. I've also bought a good quality portable heater with a high energy efficiency rating"


Plug-in portable heaters can be costly to run, so it's important you choose one with a good efficiency rating.  

The higher the efficiency rating the less an appliance costs to run. So while a good quality, energy-efficient appliance might cost you more upfront, you'll save on your power costs. Find out more about energy efficiency ratings here

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