Warm up before you jump in

Published on
18 July 2019

Winter is a beautiful and exciting time in Tassie; the snow, the winter festivals, the puffer jackets. But like most Tasmanians, Channy knows that keeping your power use down in the colder months can be a challenge.

Luckily, Channy has been talking to our customers at the Aurora Hobart office for years, so she's picked up a thing or two about how to save power. 

So take it from one of our energy experts:

"Instead of heating your bedroom with a heater all night, turn your electric blanket on to heat your bed before you get in, then turn it off or down for the rest of the night"

Thanks Channy! Snuggling into a pre-warmed bed sounds like heaven, not to mention using an electric blanket instead of heating an entire room uses a lot less power! 

See what else our Aurora team has to say about saving power! 

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