Saving power and reducing your bill is important no matter what size your business is. Here’s some great tips to get you started.

Power saving tips at work

Saving power in your business is the bottom line. Some simple tips, combined with our expert advice, can reduce your energy bill – and you know that every little bit counts.

Power saving tips for the office

Finding ways of cutting costs in the office is everyone’s business, and there is nothing more effective than the whole team working together. So the first step is to get everyone on board with your power saving actions in the workplace.

Solar Power
SRT solar panels

Start to look at what you are using

Can you replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED? You can also protect the equipment in your business by installing a power filter or conditioner. Choose power boards with on/off switches so it’s easier to turn of groups of machines, lights, computers, etc.

Next think about how you use it.

Everyone should think about turning off equipment and lights when not in use. That may include having a chat to building management to make sure that air conditioning, lights and non-essential equipment is turned off overnight. Also, serviced and clean equipment works better and is more efficient.

For more ideas, see Energy Cut Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in Your Business (PDF).

Energy use on your farm

Through our Farm Energy Advocate service, you can access specialist advice and information on managing energy use and costs. The Farm Energy Advocate service can also connect and refer farmers to other specialist support services. This includes providing access to programs that offer energy audits (among other things) by looking at your energy use, infrastructure and systems.