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aurora+ is powered by either our Residential Flat Rate (tariff 31 & 41) product or our Residential Peak and Off-Peak (tariff 93) product plus a product service fee of 11 cents per day.

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With access to the app, you're able to see exactly how much power you're using and when, track and manage your usage and costs and make payments when it suits you.

aurora+ customers receive a monthly statement – which means no more quarterly bills.

Please see pricing for aurora+ with Peak and Off-Peak and aurora+ with Residential Flat Rate below. 

aurora+ with Peak and Off Peak (Tariff 93)

On aurora+ Peak and Off-Peak take advantage of the off-peak times and use less in the peak times to save on power!


aurora+ with Residential Flat Rate (Tariff 31 &41) 

On aurora+ Residential Flat Rate, you pay the same amount for your power no matter what time of the day you use it. 

Flat rate 2020Flat rate 2020


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