Quick Answer

The main difference between basic meters and advanced meters is the way in which your energy usage is recorded and sent to Aurora Energy.

Basic meters calculate your energy usage by totaling the kWhs between a “start read date” and an “end read date”. These dates relate to the date(s) a meter reader visits your property to take a meter read (every 3 months).

Advanced meters record your energy usage data in 15-minute intervals and, where mobile phone coverage allows, this information will be sent securely on a daily basis to Aurora Energy. You can read more about advanced meters here.

Your bill

If you have an advanced meter you won't notice a huge difference to your bill.

The main difference is the usage data on your bill will display a little differently. Instead of a start read and end read (adding up to the total of units used in the billing period), you will only see the entire amount of units used per tariff in the billing period.


This example shows how your usage data is displayed on your advanced meter bill. 


Advanced meter bill


You can find out more about other parts of your power bill here.