Stay in control

aurora+ is now available! Offering an easier way to view and manage your energy. 

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Lighting tips

Lights account for up to 15%of household energy use! Find out how you could be saving on your lighting costs. 

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Around the house

Kitchen, loungeroom, laundry or bathroom. Read our tips and tricks to save around the house.

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Heating tips

Heating is one of the biggest users of power in Tasmanian homes (up to 50% of power use!) Find out how to save.

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Household appliances can account for 30% of household energy use. Read our tips to save.


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Winter saving tips

Winter is when Tasmanians use the most power. Read our winter saving tips to save. 


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Make the most of solar

Making the most of your solar investment is easy. Here are our top tips that will see you getting the most out of the sun. 

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Save power at work

Saving energy in your business means savings to the bottom line! Some simple tips can make all the difference to your next bill.

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Are you on the right plan?

Check out our energy plan comparison tool, to see if your energy plan is the right fit for you?

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