As a result of the Power of Choice reforms, Aurora Energy will become responsible for the management and installation of advanced meters for our residential and small business customers from 1 December 2017.

Why are there national metering changes?

New national energy rules for metering are the result of Australian Government led energy industry reforms, known as Power of Choice.

Power of Choice aims to provide consumers with more opportunities to make informed choices about electricity products and services. More information on these reforms are available on the AEMC website.

As a result of the Power of Choice reforms, Aurora Energy will become responsible for the management and installation of advanced meters for our residential and small business customers from 1 December 2017.

To deliver these services, Aurora Energy has formed a partnership with Metering Dynamics. Metering Dynamics, along with their Tasmanian contractors and field crews will be our authorised service provider for the installation and maintenance of advanced meters.

View the media release announcing our partnership

What does this mean for you?

As a result of the new national metering rules our customers will, over time, move to an advanced meter.

During the initial rollout period advanced meters will be installed for our customers in the following cases:

If your property has an existing basic meter installed, you will not notice any change at this time.

To read more about metering changes and what it means for you, as a customer of Aurora Energy, please read our FAQ section

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment to you

We always want to ensure you have the best possible customer experience.

We are committed to developing products and services that use the benefits offered by advanced meters to provide our customers with more ways to better manage their energy usage.

What is an advanced meter?

An advanced meter is the next generation of electricity meter. It measures how much electricity is used in 30 minute intervals. Where mobile phone coverage allows, this information will be sent securely on a daily basis, to Aurora Energy.

Will there be an up-front cost for my advanced meter?

Regulated residential and small business customers that have an advanced meter installed from 1 December 2017 will not be charged an up-front cost for receiving this meter.

Aurora Energy will continue to pass through applicable fees or charges for any requested metering work completed at your property as per the current practice. We will advise you of any applicable fees and charges prior to the work being undertaken.

I’m interested in getting an advanced meter, how can I arrange this?

Initially, Aurora Energy is providing advanced meters on a new and replacement basis.

Please contact us to discuss what options are available to you.

I’m building a new home, who should I talk to?

When you are building a new home, it is your electrical contractor/electrician who is responsible for preparing your property for connection and they will complete a connection application to TasNetworks and also send an Electrical Works Request to Aurora Energy on your behalf.

Prior to moving in, you need to contact Aurora Energy to finalise the connection process and set up the account and property in your name.

Why have I been contacted about the Electrical Works Request (EWR)?

We need to let you know that we have received a request from your electrical contractor for metering work on your property. If necessary, we will also advise you of any associated charges. You do not need to do anything as our authorised service provider, Metering Dynamics will arrange all the necessary service works on site.

When the EWR is approved by us, you will receive a Planned interruption Notification advising of when this work will be scheduled.

Why would I have to pay fees for metering work?

Fees may apply if our service provider (Metering Dynamics) is unable to get safe access to the meter box or, in the event that extra work is required.

As advised in your Planned Interruption Notification, you must provide our authorised service agents clear and safe access to your meter box at all times.

Some examples of what this means includes:

  • Unable to get safe access includes if something is in the way of the meter box, unrestrained dogs where the meter box is located, metering that is inside or locked at your property.
  • When a meter box is inspected by our service crew and they identify that a more significant electricity supply upgrade is required before a meter exchange is possible.

In the event of the above, the job will be considered incomplete and you will be charged for a wasted site visit. If this does happen one of our team will call you to explain what to do next.

Why does Aurora Energy have to change?

As an energy retailer, we are part of the National Energy Market and are required under the new metering rules to have responsibility for rolling out advanced meters in Tasmania.

How are we going to do this?

Under the new rules, we need to appoint a Metering Coordinator to be our authorised service provider to deliver advanced metering services for our residential and small business customers.

Our appointed Metering Coordinator is Metering Dynamics.

Who are Metering Dynamics?

Metering Dynamics are one of Australia’s largest and most successful metering businesses and have been operating in Tasmania for nearly 10 years. You can read more about Metering Dynamics.

What if you don’t have an advanced meter?

For any customer that has an existing basic meter, you will not notice anything different.

TasNetworks will remain responsible for maintaining existing basic meters as well as the connection to the network.

What’s the difference between a basic meter and an advanced meter?

With a basic meter, your energy usage is calculated by totalling the kWhs between a “start read date” and an “end read date”. These dates relate to the date(s) a meter reader visits your property to take a meter read (every 3 months). With an advanced meter, energy usage data is recorded in 30 minute intervals and, where mobile phone coverage allows, this information will be sent securely on a daily basis to Aurora Energy.

Does having an advanced meter make a difference to my bill?

When you have an advanced meter installed the way energy usage appears on your bill will look a little different. Instead of a start read date and end read date, you will see the entire amount of units used per tariff in the billing period.

What if you rent your property?

If your meter has a fault or needs to be replaced due to old age, you do not require the landlord’s approval to have an advanced meter installed.

What if I’m in a mobile black spot?

In Tasmania there are still some areas where mobile coverage is limited. If your property falls into this category and you have had an advanced meter installed, we still need access to your property every 3 months to obtain the energy usage data held in your meter.

Who looks after installing and maintaining my advanced meter?

We do! From 1 December 2017, call us on 1300 132 003 if:

  • You think your meter is faulty;
  • You need to arrange connection on your newly built property; or
  • You are doing electrical work on your meter.

Will someone still read my meter every 3 months?

If you have an existing basic meter this will continue to be read every 3 months by TasNetworks.

For advanced meters where there is mobile coverage, your electricity usage data is sent to us securely on a daily basis. However, if this coverage is not available our service provider will still need to access your property to download your energy data every 3 months.

What if I don’t want to change to an advanced meter?

Please contact us discuss what options are available to you.

Are advanced meters safe?

Yes. Advanced meters meet current Australian Safety Standards.

Is my information protected?

We take data security very seriously and adhere to strict privacy controls. We are bound by the Personal Information and Protection Act 2004 (Tas.) and the Australian Privacy Principles (Principles) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). View our Privacy Policy.

The data sent to us does not include your name or address details, only your energy usage and your meter identification number.

How do I get access to my energy usage data?

Please contact us to discuss your request so that we can provide you with the level of detail you require.

How do I know my energy data is being sent securely?

Advanced meters and their communication networks are equipped with advanced security features that prevent unauthorised access.

The information sent is encrypted and sent over secure and private networks. The data does not include your name or address details – only your meter identification number is included, which we use to link your energy use to your account.

Will an advanced meter interfere with other devices (phones, TV or radio)?

No. Your advanced meter operates at a low frequency and power level.

Do advanced meters cause health issues like sleep apnea or headaches?

Advanced meters are not dangerous. All meters installed are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and have frequencies similar to common household electronics like mobile phones and televisions. The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) sets exposure limits and concludes that ‘no scientific evidence exists that low levels of radio-frequency electromagnetic energy exposure from digital meters causes any health effects or symptoms of ill-health.

Can I access my energy usage data on Aurora Online?

Not yet. However, we are working on new products to give you this information.

I want to give Aurora Energy feedback about my metering experience

We are always happy to hear from you. If you would like to talk to us directly, please call us on 1800 800 753. Or if you prefer, you can visit our website to lodge a complaint or compliment.

Who do I talk to if I have a question about my meter or meter read?

We are always here to help you. If you have any questions about your meter or meter read (no matter whether it is an advanced or basic meter) please call us our Customer Service team on 1300 132 003.

Who do I talk to if I have a question about energy usage on my bill?

Please call our Customer Service team on 1300 132 003. We will be able to assist you with any queries about your bill and the energy usage calculations applied.

Important energy and emergency contacts from 1 December 2017

For all general enquiries (including advanced meter support, information about your account and energy saving advice) please contact us.

To report a power outage, call TasNetworks 13 2004 (24 hours) or in a life threatening emergency, call 000.

Please be aware that TasNetworks will remain responsible for maintaining existing basic meters as well as the connection to the network.