Aurora Pay As You Go (Aurora PAYG) is changing and our Aurora PAYG customers have a range of new energy products to choose from.

Our Aurora PAYG meters must be replaced by December 2019 due to aging technology and are being replaced with new advanced meters. Our advanced meters mean that we are able to offer you a new product that can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer providing you with more control and convenience than ever before. Aurora is proud to offer existing Aurora PAYG customers the brand new, entirely digital, pay as you go product, Aurora Pay As You Go Plus (Aurora PAYG+).

All the control


Check your balance anytime from your phone or computer


See your daily energy usage and the cheapest times to use power


PLUS all the convenience


Top up your balance easily 24/7


Receive messages on your phone to let you know when you need to top up


All the benefits of Aurora PAYG+ start right here. Click on the link below to transfer to Aurora PAYG+ and see when new advanced meters are being rolled out in your area.

And if you don’t want the benefits of Aurora PAYG+, you have the option of transferring to one of our many other energy products that suit you. The choice is yours.

But remember - with Aurora PAYG ending, we will be changing all Aurora PAYG meters, which means every Aurora PAYG customer will need to make a choice, and transfer to a different energy product.