All PAYG customers will be having their meters replaced, as the technology that sits behind them will no longer be supported from December 1st.

If you're a PAYG customer you must choose a new product now, and in most cases the installation will be at no cost to you. You can change to another product in the future if the way you use energy at home changes.

You can complete your transfer to a new energy product quickly and easily here online. Use your property ID number which is listed in the letter or email we have sent you.

If you loved PAYG then our new pay as you go product, Aurora Pay as You Go Plus, might be for you!

All the control

Check your balance anytime and anywhere from your phone or computer

See your daily energy usage and the cheapest times to use power

PLUS all the convenience

Top up your balance easily 24/7 to stay in credit from anywhere you like - even your couch!

Receive messages on your phone to let you know when you need to top up