Guilt free cupcakes

Published on
8 June 2019


Chelsea was born and raised in the Valley of Love, New Norfolk and now lives in Glenorchy with her Partner of eight years Harry and thier Golden Girl Indie. She is a family girl through and through and there is nothing she wouldn’t do for them.

Including cooking. "I love to cook. Making meals for my family and friends, filling their bellies with good food is when I am happiest" says Chelsea.

But cooking up a storm like Chelsea loves to do, can come at a cost. In her time working with Aurora, Chelsea has learned a thing or two to help save power at home. 

"In winter I use my slow cooker more and more, especially on weekends. Because I am on a Peak and Off-Peak product (Tariff 93) weekends are when it’s cheaper to use power" - Chelsea.

Chelsea always cooks extra when she uses the slow cooker so they have pre-cooked meals for the week ahead. Plus using the slow cooker means she can just chuck everything in, switch it on and forget it, which means more time to spend with family!

We couldn't let all this talk about cooking go without asking Chelsea for her favourite recipes. 

"For slow cooker recipes, I always visit but my all time favourite has to be Oreo Cupcakes. Wow. I made the mistake of making them once for my colleagues at Aurora and now get requests all the time. Sometimes I mix it up and switch the vanilla base to a chocolate one".

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