Fully stoked… we mean stocked

Published on
16 January 2021

Mark loves a barbie. He also loves saving power and working at Aurora has given him some pretty good tips.

Marks tip:

“Don’t forget your outside appliances. Keep your outside fridge and freezer fully stocked. Every time you open your fridge the cold air escapes and the warm air comes in. By keeping your fridge full there’s less air space that the fridge has to cool down”


According to energy.gov.au fridges and freezers account for 8-13% of household power costs.

So whether you’re a sausage devotee, steak enthusiast or veggie burger connoisseur, when the barbeques retired for the season make sure your outside fridge and freezers are fully stocked (even if it’s just with bottles of water) or better yet turned off to keep power costs low.

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