Shift your power to Off-Peak

Published on
5 June 2020

Power bills, unless you’re lucky enough to live ‘off the grid’, they’re something everyone has to deal with.

We’re pretty lucky to have some of the lowest regulated power prices in the country however, it can feel like we have little to no control over how much our power bills are each quarter, especially as our usage peaks in winter.

So, what would you do to get cheaper power?

That’s not a trick question, in fact, if you’re on our Residential Peak and Off-Peak plan, accessing cheaper power is one of the easiest ways to save on your bill!

What is Peak and Off-Peak power?

Peak and Off-Peak gives you control over what you pay for your power. As the name suggests, there are peak (more expensive) times to use your power and off-peak (cheaper) times to use your power.

Off-Peak power is less than half the price of peak power and you get off-peak power over 70% of the time!

Peak and Off-Peak

Making the most of Off-Peak power

We’ve done a bit of research and it suggests most people would be better off on Peak and Off-Peak, even without changing anything.

But for those really wanting to save big bucks on their power bills, all it takes is a few easy changes to your usage habits.

Here are our top tips on how to shift your usage:

  • If you can, heat up your home during off-peak times and turn the heating down or off when it’s peak (heating accounts for up to 50% of power use so taking advantage of the cheaper times is essential).
  • Leave your laundry and dishes until off-peak times instead of doing them right away (use appliance timers to help)
  • Charge devices overnight and don’t leave them plugged in once they’re fully charged.
  • Get the slow cooker out and cook your dinner throughout the day when it’s cheaper
  • Have your shower during Off-Peak times, or keep your shower short when it’s not (hot water is a big contributor to power bills) 
  • Leave your vacuuming until the weekend.

Making the switch

All you need to do is get in touch, and in most cases, it’s free to change! If you need some help deciding if Peak and Off-peak right for your household, our friendly local team is happy to help. Find out more about Peak and Off-Peak here. 

Even more control

It can be hard to know how you’re doing when it comes to saving on your power – especially if you’re only getting a performance review every 3 months (your power bill).

Enter aurora+, our new digital product which gives you access to your daily usage down to the hour via an app, so you can see exactly what you’re using and when.

Plus you’ll never get bill shock again because you’ll always know exactly what you owe. Easy in-app payments and monthly billing keeps you in control and on top of your power costs.

Find out more about aurora+