Gas Prices 2022

Published on
16 June 2022

Aurora Energy's gas prices are rising for the first time since January 2020.

Residential gas prices will increase by 3.64% and 3.72% for fixed and usage charges respectively, and small business customers will see an increase of 3.90% and 1.99% for fixed and usage charges respectively. 

The new pricing will come into effect on June 20 2022.

  2022 2020 % Increase 
Residential Gas      
Fixed Charge (c/day) 57.00 55.00 3.64%
Usage Charges (c/MJ) 4.1700 4.0203 3.72%
Small Business Gas      
Fixed Charge (c/day)  144.00 138.60 3.90%
Usage Charge (c/MJ) 4.3720 4.2868 1.99%


The Gas Customer Charter has also been updated, you can find it here


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