Heat Pumps/Ducted

Heat pumps (also known as reverse cycle air conditioners) are a great 'on demand' climate control system. Not only are they one of the cheapest systems to run, but they have the added benefit of providing a cool climate in summer – all in one unit.

Heat pumps often reach your desired room temperature in 10 to 15 minutes if sized and installed correctly. They are extremely cost-efficient systems as they gently increase or decrease power to maintain your desired temperature (rather than stopping and starting) and can be ducted if required.

Make sure your heat pump is sized correctly because undersized heat pumps can lead to problems, while oversized equipment is a needless expense.


  • Extremely efficient running costs
  • Instant heat on demand
  • Totally safe, with no exposed or hot surfaces
  • Handy remote controls
  • Fully programmable thermostat and timer
  • Detachable air filters for easy cleaning
  • Most heat pumps also have secondary air purification filters for dust or pollen particles
  • Heating and cooling options
  • Aurora Heating Discount may apply


  • Higher purchase and installation costs
  • Can be draughty if not installed correctly