Safety outdoors

Earth wires

Earth wires conduct any stray electrical current safely to the ground. Every building has an earth conductor. If you, or tradespeople, are doing external renovations to your home or office, make sure that the earth conductors are not disturbed.

If they have been disturbed, call a licensed electrical contractor.

Outdoor wiring

It makes sense to put electrical installations outside your home, as running extension cords from inside is both inconvenient and potentially dangerous. However you must not attempt this yourself. You need absolute safety in outdoor electrical installations. Call a licensed electrical contractor.

Please note: You can easily install low voltage garden lighting yourself provided it connects to a low voltage transformer and you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Overhead powerlines

If anything like guttering, irrigation pipes or the bucket arm of an excavator come into contact with overhead wires, there is every chance that you will be killed.

If tree branches or loose bark come in contact with overhead lines, they can potentially cause a fire. Keep trees on your property away from powerlines.

If you see that a tree has fallen on a powerline, please stay away and call TasNetworks on 13 2004.


Substations come in various shapes and sizes, but they are all places where high voltage electricity is converted into lower voltages. Never climb over the security fence into a substation. The equipment inside can kill.

Electricity poles and towers

Never attempt to climb an electricity pole or high voltage transmission tower. Near approach to high voltage lines is enough to kill you.

If there are private powerlines on your property, you are responsible for their safety and maintenance.