Keep heating costs low

Around 40-50% of household power use goes on heating, but there are a lot of things you can do to lower your heating costs while still keeping warm in the cooler months. 

Quick heating tips

1. Set your heater between 18°C and 21°C. Every degree above 21°C adds 10% to your energy use.

2. Use the correct size heater for the room. Overheating wastes power, while small heaters on the maximum setting will struggle to heat the room.

3. Use timers to turn your heating on when you need it and turn off when you don’t.

4. If you're home alone, use an electric throw to warm yourself instead of a heater to heat an entire room.

5. Keep heat-pump filters clean and free of dust. Try to clean it once a week. A heat pump full of dust won’t work as well.

6. Make sure you only buy heaters with a high energy efficiency rating. The higher the efficiency rating the less an appliance costs to run.  

7. Don’t put furniture and other things in front of your heater, it might disrupt the airflow and take longer for the room to heat up!  

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