Your Energy Support (YES) Program

Our Your Energy Support (YES) team is here to offer you the help you need, when you need it most.

At Aurora Energy, we understand that from time-to-time customers experience financial difficulties and may need additional assistance.

Aurora Energy's Hardship Policy provides the framework to identify vulnerable customers. The Your Energy Support (YES) Program gives you, as a residential customer experiencing financial difficulties, the ability to take control of your energy usage and bill. (Or if you are unable to purchase credit for your Aurora PAY AS YOU GO meter).

Electricity is an essential service for residential customers and the YES program can help you stay connected with energy-saving services, including tailored, flexible payment plans for immediate and longer-term relief.

If you are struggling financially, we encourage you to contact us either personally or through a third party, such as a financial counsellor or a welfare agency.

The YES Program is all about:

  • Treating you with respect, fairness and sensitivity;
  • Ensuring your payment arrangements are flexible and affordable;
  • Reviewing our agreements with you regularly;
  • Supplying you with information regarding financial counsellors;
  • Supplying you with information about government grants and concessions;
  • Supplying you with information on up-to-date energy efficiency practise; and
  • Offering you energy auditing services over the phone.

We will ensure that our YES Program and Hardship Policy are transparent and applied consistently.

Who can enter the YES Program?

You will be eligible to enter the YES Program under the following circumstances:

  • If you have been identified as being in financial difficulty;
  • If you have an active residential connection with Aurora Energy, and that premises is your principal place of residence;
  • If you have any amount outstanding on your energy account;
  • If you show a willingness to make contributions to your energy account; and
  • If you show a willingness to actively participate in the Program, including participation in energy audits, seeking assistance from welfare organisations and making an effort to reduce consumption.

Our internal processes may also identify customers having trouble paying their energy bill.

We consider the following as your commitment to the YES Program:

  • To make payments in line with the agreed payment plan solution;
  • To make every attempt to reduce consumption to a level where it is affordable;
  • To contact us if there is a change in your circumstance;
  • To contact us when you are unable to make payments according to the agreed payment plan; and
  • To stay in touch with the YES team.

If you are unable to meet these commitments, you will be at risk of being removed from the YES Program. If you are removed from the YES Program for failure to meet your commitment requirements, normal collection action will resume and you may face disconnection or further debt recovery action.

If you are removed from the YES Program twice in a 12 month period, you are not guaranteed re-entry. However, we will continue to make every effort to assist you to regain access to the YES Program.

Can you set up flexible payment options for your bill? YES!

Aurora Energy has a range of repayment options and our YES team will work with you to tailor these to suit your circumstances. We will make sure your payment plan is reasonable, flexible, but above all, affordable to you.

View our range of payment options.


If you receive benefits or allowances from Centrelink, you are eligible to use Centrepay as a bill-payment service. There is no cost to you to use this service. Further information can be obtained from the Centrelink website at: (external link) or by phoning 1800 050 004.

Is there a way to reduce the amount of energy you are using? YES!

We will provide you with simple energy saving tips and energy efficiency advice to help you to understand your energy consumption and ways to reduce your energy costs. As part of the YES Program, you are required to undertake a free, phone energy audit service.

Information provided to you over the phone is supported by information that can be found here on our website. You can also use our energy calculator, an easy to use tool, to allow you to undertake your own basic home energy assessment.

More information

Please contact Aurora Energy's YES Team from 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday on 1300 10 2010.

To find our more you can view the Hardship Policy (Your Energy Support program) (PDF 376KB). Alternatively, a free copy can be posted upon request by contacting us on 1300 13 2003.